Relieves Headaches Spray


Relieves Headaches Spray


Size: 2oz

Relieves Headaches is an all-natural way to safely and effectively find temporary relief from the nasty symptoms associated with headaches. Upon inhalation, aromatic airborne molecules quickly travel to the corpus callosum, the area that connects the brain’s hemispheres, and work to bring balance and instant relief.

We’ve carefully chosen a combination of marjoram, spruce, lavender, basil and peppermint. These particular oils are known for their ability to relieve tension and muscle spasms, both culprits in causing headaches.

This 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Includes:

Marjoram to relaxes muscle spasms that are often responsible for sparking tension headaches.

Spruce, with its strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, is highly effective for relieving all general aches and pains.

Peppermint and Basil, both known to relieve nausea and reduce inflammation.

Lavender for its relaxing effects that have been shown to actually reverse negative stress reactions in the body, mind and emotions.

Our grapeseed carrier oil with “live” ORMUS, made from cold-pressed wine grape seeds, is a light, odorless, nutritive oil. It penetrates and hydrates the skin without a greasy feel, while delivering the same antioxidants found in green and black tea, berries and red wine.

Spray on head, face and neck and breathe in.

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