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For Health

Life moves fast and often times our health can take a backseat to our responsibilities. Green Lotus Oils wants you to be healthy and happy. Put yourself first and protect yourself from the toxins and stresses in our environment. Be powerful and know that you deserve to feel your best.

For Family

What's more important than the health of our family? Teaching health habits, creating a healthy home, and taking care of our bodies and spirits is a necessity. Teaching by example is what we believe in and the beautiful aromas of essentials oils is a daily reminder to make healthy choices for ourselves and our loved ones.


Ormus makes a difference!

ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements) are also called ORMUS, monatomic gold, white gold, AuM, micro-clusters and manna. ORMUS is naturally occurring in all soils, however there is a higher concentration in volcanic soils, natural mineral springs and the ocean. ORMUS also exists in the human body, especially in the nervous system, but needs to be replenished just like all nutrients.  These 96 distinct microelements seem to be intimately woven into the fabric of all living things.  These elements can have an attraction for the Heavens because they move upward in a spiral motion. These substances possess the secrets of living disease-free because they repair damaged DNA strands back to perfection, resulting in incredibly long life spans.  Their unique, super-conductive properties increase speed and efficiency of cellular communication, which enhances our immune systems ability to eliminate toxins while illuminating our body, mind and spirit.  Replenishing the body with ORMUS results in sustained health and true happiness.