Hot Flash Help Spray


Hot Flash Help Spray


Size: 2oz

Hot Flash Help formula is specially designed to support women through the complex hormonal changes that accompany the aging process. In particular, essential oil of fennel simulates the effects of estrogen, naturally mimicking this vital hormone that is believed to be the underlying cause of hot flashes as its levels decline with age.

This effective essential oil blend combines fir needle, tangerine, bergamot, cypress, sage, pine, geranium, fennel and peppermint. Upon inhalation, menthol compounds from peppermint, fir and pine, travel to the hypothalamus, where body temperature is regulated, and assist in cooling down the entire system.

Peppermint, Fir Needle and Pine essential oils to cool the body.

Geranium and Sage to reestablish hormonal balance.

Fennel to naturally simulate estrogen.

Cypress to increase circulation and quickly carry the healing elements of the other oils throughout the body.

Tangerine and Bergamot to promote happiness, peace and joy.

Our grapeseed carrier oil with “live” ORMUS, made from cold-pressed wine grape seeds, is a light, odorless, nutritive oil. It penetrates and hydrates the skin without a greasy feel, while delivering the same antioxidants found in green and black tea, berries and red wine.

Spray on face and neck and breathe in.

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